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Letter: Republican leaders must stop following the president

Along with other Americans of conscience, I am horrified by the president’s cruelty in separating immigrant parents and children in order to force funding for a southern border wall he claims is necessary for national defense.

Even if this horrible practice ends with the executive order the president signed on June 20, what happens to the children already living in detention centers or foster care? Will they be returned to their parents, or are they lost forever?

I believe our ratings-conscious president only changed his mind because of the public outcry. He doesn’t care about suffering children, only positive press.

Again… again… where are the Republican leaders? Each time their party head does something immoral, ignorant, cruel, greedy, they shield their eyes and stop their ears. They have zero interest in reining in the president’s destructive impulses; instead they watch him enrich his family, trash relationships with allies, imperil businesses with tariffs, and generally denigrate the office.

I don’t understand the appeal of this tyrannical president. He’s a master of self-promotion and self-delusion. Unfortunately, he’s co-opted the Republican Party into his anti-American world.

Kathleen Geib

East Aurora

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