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Letter: Funny how things change in this administration

At some point over the last few months the country has detoured into the Twilight Zone. Enemies are now our friends, friends have become non-friends.

Three months ago “Little Rocket Man” was a murderous thug who starved his own people. After one meeting with our leader he is now a statesman who loves his people and is no longer a nuclear threat. Meanwhile the Canadian P.M. is now considered dishonest.

Any news critical of our leader is considered fake news, especially if its from the Washington Post, MSNBC, or CNN. The REAL news is best listened to on Fox where “never is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day.”

The administration has decided to address the problem of illegal immigration by putting the migrant children into internment camps. You break the laws we take your kids, problem solved. One has to wonder though if this policy would have been enacted if the migrants were Scandinavian and not on the list of what our leader considers “s***hole countries.”

Now that we have taken the first steps down the road of moral outrage one has to wonder, what’s next?

Sleep well America.

Paul Bojanowski


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