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Letter: Actions violate Constitution and America’s core values

Since May, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has a new policy of zero tolerance where every immigrant crossing the border without the proper documents would be separated from his/her children. This is a violation of the “Bill of Rights” that is the first 10 Amendments added to the American Constitution. It is also a form of torture. This is against the Eighth amendment which forbids “cruel and unusual punishment.”

Today, June 20, President Trump ended the policy of separating immigrant children from their parents. The kids currently in custody here and those taken to other U.S. cities would not be reunited with their parents. Two eight-month-old infants were taken from Texas to Minnesota. These persons seeking asylum and entry into America would need to obtain lawyers and appear in court but there are not enough judges for hearings in immigration courts.

The children displaced from their families suffer separation anxiety, fear, desperation of being in a country where people speak a different language and are imprisoned in caged enclosures where sufficient food, water and heat in winter are in short supply. There is a promise of building tent cities to house children and adults in the heat of summer.

The Republicans are afraid to oppose President Trump’s disdain for immigrants, asylum seekers and Dreamers and his desire to erect a huge wall that would not be as efficient as technology. Many foreigners enter the United States by plane, boat or car.

Families belong together and a nation under God respects human rights. I hope that the voters vote to remove the Constitution violators in November.

Kathleen Warren


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