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Letter: Something must be done about an unwieldy Trump

The last week has been a kaleidoscope of absurdities coming non-stop from the Trump White House. The only thing that has been consistent is a president who accepts no responsibility for any of his personal shortcomings or those of his administration. Trump’s lies and misdirection about foreign policy, a nuclear agreement with North Korea’s murderous dictator, disparaging our closest allies, tariffs that are leading to a trade war. New York state’s Attorney General suing Trump and his “charitable” foundation for charity fraud that solicits monies for veteran’s causes and groups.

The recent spotlight had been on the morally bankrupt policy of separating young children from their parents’ seeking asylum at our border, defended with Bible quotes once used to justify slavery. Trump is trying to use this as a leverage for funding a nonsensical wall that is the pipe dream of his xenophobic base.

It is incumbent on all of us to take whatever legal action we can, vote, call and write your Congressional delegation, call your parish priests, rabbis, pastors and demand they speak out from the pulpit, fly the flag upside down on the Fourth of July in recognition that our republic is serious distress and sinking fast…together we must make a course correction. Our right to vote means nothing if we don’t exercise it.

Ed Gentner


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