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Letter: Problems at BMHA trace to one man

Over the past few years I have contacted this newspaper, every local television station, numerous politicians, housing advocates, Housing and Urban Development and the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority about conditions at the Marine Drive Apartments.

Housing advocates are a joke. Politicians are accommodating in a useless kind of way, but always sniffing around for votes come election time. HUD is totally unresponsive to all inquiries and the BMHA is located in an impenetrable prison type building on Perry Street, ironically just a block from the horrendous Commodore Perry complex.

Now through all this I have pleaded to the mayor to intervene and my pleas have fallen on deaf ears. He has allowed the incompetent BMHA board of directors to operate as a fiefdom, whose rulers are rewarded with golden parachutes for their malfeasance.

Look folks, that’s your money that is being wasted! Just say’n.

John F. Nostrant


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