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Letter: Demands to restrict guns will not stop shootings

The murder of eight students and two teachers at the Sante Fe High School was the fourth such shooting over the course of five months, occurring in this country. These horrors always result in demands that more laws being passed restricting the possession of guns by the American people. Since the Second Amendment to our Constitution guarantees the right “to bear arms” such demands threaten our rights under the Bill of Rights, but do not protect us.

There are millions of Americans who own guns, but never hurt anyone, proving that gun ownership has nothing to do with mass murder. Chicago has a huge murder rate despite laws prohibiting guns in the city. The reason is obvious. The shooters don’t care about the law.

First we must make certain that psychologically unstable individuals cannot get guns. Second, schools, with few exceptions, have done next to nothing to prevent bullying, which may result in revenge killings by the target of the bullies. Third, schools must have only one open entrance guarded by an armed officer. In addition some teachers should have a concealed weapon.

Finally, we need to teach our older school children the danger of guns and the outcome if used. When I was 19 years old I learned all about guns during basic training at Fort Benning. That instruction included not only how to use a gun, but also what not to do. What we learned at age 19 can also be understood by a high school student. Millions of parents have guns at home but evidently too few explain to their children how a gun may be used and what one must never do with a firearm.

Indeed, seeking to expunge the Second Amendment, cursing gun manufacturers and berating law makers will never protect us.

Gerhard Falk


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