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Letter: Church took correct stance on families

I was happy to read that the President of the Catholic Bishops called the policy of separating immigrant families immoral. (President Trump recently signed an executive order ending the separation of families by detaining parents and children together).

The Catholic Church has made several blunders which have turned away many followers in recent years. The abuse scandal by priests was bad enough but the fact that the clergy were encouraging their congregation to vote for Donald Trump for President was a decision that turned away even its most loyal followers.

How can an organization that preaches caring for one another and treating everyone, equally support a man who makes fun of the disabled and disrespects women and minorities. I hope the church learns from its mistakes and moves forward and gets rid of the clergy who don’t want to get on board.

I always thought being a Catholic was being kind and treating everyone with compassion but unfortunately these values have gone by the wayside.

Marty Farrell

West Seneca

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