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Study: 'Lazy lawn mowers' are helping bees, pollinators

Would you rather watch the ballgame than cut the grass?

A recently published study in the Biological Conservation journal shows that a "lazy lawn mower approach" that lets dandelions, clover and other "weedy species" grow unabated provides vital habitat for bees, especially in urban environments.

The study, which identified 16 suburban yards near Springfield, Mass., found 2½ times the lawn flowers in yards mowed every three weeks. It also found that the highest abundance of bees in yards mowed every two weeks.

"Mowing less frequently is practical, economical and a time-saving alternative to lawn replacement or even planting pollinator gardens," the study's abstract stated.

The study was conducted by researchers from the U.S. Forest Service as well as the University of Massachusetts, University of New Hampshire and Arizona State University.

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