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Letter: Trump’s bullying must end for America’s sake

How can anyone who claims to be patriotic continue to support President Trump while he sledgehammers the cornerstones of democracy? Only a wannabe dictator would consider it a “common courtesy” to salute a military general in the world’s most totalitarian state, while reviling the Prime Minister of Canada, one of the world’s most robust democracies, as “deserving a special place in hell” because he dared to criticize one of Trump’s policies.

The racism and xenophobia of Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and their supporters have sunk to historic depths in separating infants and children from their asylum-seeking parents. This replicates one of the most vile practices of slavery. The atrocity of it is compounded by the hypocrisy of people who pride themselves on their opposition to abortion while showing no concern whatsoever for the lives of actual children.

Kari J. Winter

East Amherst

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