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Letter: Letter writer has it wrong about Trump’s election win

I wasn’t aware that we “suffered under the past administration:” when Obama took office, unemployment was 8 percent; when he left, it was 4 percent. What misery did a June 15 letter writer have in mind?

“Nobody believed Trump could win.” He didn’t; we elected Hillary Clinton by several millions votes. The Electoral College elected Trump. And he wasn’t a successful businessman, having gone through several bankruptcies.

And that slogan “Make America Great Again” could only be accepted by people who didn’t think America was great in the first place – it was and it is. What Trump is making great is business: cutting their taxes certainly made the stock market skyrocket and allows for some salary increases, which is good, but the down side is that Americans are the ones who will have to pay the increase in interest on that trillion dollars of extra debt. The bill must be paid eventually.

“Democrats…don’t care about Americans.” Are you kidding? It’s those same soon-to-be-removed regulations, put in place by Democrats, that kept Americans safe at work. I used to work at Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and read on a weekly basis about people losing fingers and hands to unsafe work equipment. But our government is now de-emphasizing safety and oversight to allow business to increase profits. And over at the EPA, programs that would make all of us safe from chemicals or fight global warming are being closed down. Democrats gave us Medicare, Medicaid, welfare and a long list of other things that show they very much do care about Americans.

The writer curiously left out Trump’s praise for dictators. Dictators get things done, fast, for sure. Trump said that he wants “my people” to do the same as North Koreans do for Kim: “sit up at attention.” He has that backwards: when we speak, Trump should sit up at attention – we aren’t his employees, whom he can fire; he works for us, not the other way around. That’s one of the things that “Makes America Great.”

David Irvin


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