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Letter: Do not disparage Lutherans while promoting departure

I was a bit offended by a paragraph in the June 18 letter titled “Leaving Catholic Church is not the right answer.” Like the writer, I do not advocate leaving the church rather than attempting to reform it. By all means my Catholic friends make your voices known in desiring a better church going forward.

However, as a life-long Lutheran Christian, I resent being told I do not belong to “The one true Christian Church.” I would like to think that my Bible believing friends across the Christian denominational spectrum would agree that we are not second-class citizens of The One True Christian Church. To my knowledge, Jesus Christ was not a card-carrying Roman Catholic. We as Christians can all claim our redemptive work complete in our Savior Jesus. The “founder” of our Christian churches is not greater or less than that of the Roman Catholic Church. Indeed it is exactly the same Jesus.

Jeffrey Licht

North Tonawanda

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