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Letter: BMHA investigation must start with former director

I applaud The News editorial writers for their persistence in imploring the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority to “clean up their act.” The Board certainly needs to be chastised.

However, I believe that many of the deplorable conditions were and are due to the lack of competence on the part of the former director, Dawn Sanders-Garrett. Not only was she grossly negligent but the board thought it imminent to purchase her departure with an outlandish golden parachute of $107,250, plus health insurance paid to the end of the year. This is outrageous. To add insult, they worked to keep the package oblivious to the taxpayers who must pay for this offense.

The Inspector General of the BMHA would do well to begin an investigation of this nefarious situation and, again, to the reason for the fabulous retirement package paid to the former negligent director. After all, as President Truman once famously remarked, referring to his position as head of the country, which also applies to the head of any agency, “the buck stops here.”

Alice Szanyi


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