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Letters: America may be getting the king it seems to crave

You know, I’ve been thinking. Maybe this Democracy thing is overrated. Maybe it’s time to re-examine whether the American people should be given so many choices, so much say in managing their lives. Maybe what we need is a king. A benevolent king, but a king who can know what’s best for the average American. Why look how divided our country is. So many Americans insist on low information, non-critical thinking, what’s in it for me lives.

So many others insist on justice, kindness, and world consideration when making decisions. How can we reconcile that which cannot be reconciled? We must admit America has become an unsettled, unpleasant place to live. Our elected leaders, especially Republicans, clearly want to have a king. Just look at how they blindly accept every word and action of the current so-called president.

It occurs to me that we have stopped caring about the freedoms (and responsibilities) guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Maybe now it’s time to suspend the United States Constitution in favor of decrees, mandates and autocratic rule. That will bring us together. Why, just look at Russia. Do you ever hear complaints from them? Did you ever hear complaints from Iraqis under Saddam Hussein?

And I have the perfect candidate. He resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Even though he doesn’t care about the average American, he does know about autocratic rule. Even though he doesn’t care about the Constitution and the rule of law, he is admired by so many. So why don’t we let him show us the way. I’m sure he’ll do what’s best and we can stop all this bickering. What do you think, America?

George McNally


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