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Letter: Banning assault weapons would remove protection

On Friday June 8, The News brought forth yet another letter to the editor on an assault weapon ban. I cringe every time I see and read one of these articles.

Let get the facts straight. Nearly all law enforcement and most private citizens today don’t use revolvers or hunting guns for self-defense. Why, because they will be hopelessly outgunned by a perpetrator who illegally obtains any firearm he wants.

Like opioids, another law will not work. You are legislating for the 1 percent who will ignore and violate the law and affect the other 99 percent of law-abiding citizens. But the 1-percenters dominate the news.

I don’t see anyone coming out with the obvious here. An AR or AK is in reality just another semi-auto firearm. The vast majority of firearms sold today are semi-auto. If you ban AR and AK, why not all other semi autos? That would leave the citizen with his revolver or single-shot long gun against a criminal who will obtain any firearm he can get illegally. This is what gun owners and the NRA are afraid of. We know the radical left will not stop, hence the resistance to even moderate measures. It will not stop until an all out ban and repeal of the Second Amendment.

If Stephen Willeford, the Texas church massacre Good Samaritan, did not have his AR-style rifle in confronting Devin Kelley, he would have been hopelessly outgunned and possibly not able to stop the attack. Without that firearm, he may have chosen not to engage Kelley and he would have driven down the road to his next shooting spree target.

When the bad guy comes through my door, I have a right to confront him with equal or superior firepower. Fix the real problem, not some law that looks good but does nothing but affect the law abiding gun owners of this country.

William G. Knab


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