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Letter: Stick to playing sports, and stay out of politics

NFL fans thought the kneeling nonsense was over. Team owners agreed to an $89 million “social justice package” negotiated by the Players Coalition, in hopes for assurances that every player would stand for the national anthem. Owners recently conceded to another demand that noncompliant players be allowed to remain in the locker room in protest during the anthem.

Militants run the union and every concession will be met with more demands. Resisting authority appears to be their new civil right. Colin Kaepernick is a fraud for slandering police officers by accusing them of being racist murderers of black people. In almost every case the facts vindicated the police completely or presented a much more complicated picture. Kaepernick is a nonstop magnet for unwanted attention who is highly disproportionate to his value on the field.

Players don’t understand they are the new useful idiots of the left who are attempting to destroy the NFL. Owners offer assistance when players are routinely charged with murder, rape, DUI, domestic violence, drug abuse, burglary, assault, guns/weapons, counterfeiting, wire fraud, money laundering, drug trafficking, and whatever else they do.

Sporting events should be immune from a player’s political discourse, but a place for fans to enjoy a few hours of meaningless entertainment.

Joe Cyran


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