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Letter: Radio can tell stories in ways better than TV

I found Professor Frank J. Dinan’s June 13 MyView contrasting the old radio programs and television most interesting, and I agree with him 100 percent. Radio did/does something that TV cannot do. It makes the listener use his/her mind, and that is very important.

One moment you are with the Lone Ranger and his companion Tonto racing across a windswept desert in pursuit of bank robbers. The next moment you are with Lamont Cranston/The Shadow and his girlfriend Margo Lane in the sewers of some great city after a diabolical villain. These old radio shows are widely available on the web.

Reading Professor Dinan’s article got me to thinking: Perhaps health care facilities that specialize in memory care – dementia or Alzheimer’s – could play these CDs for their residents. It would put their minds to work and that might prove very helpful. Just a thought.

Paul Neupert


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