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Letter: Trump must ensure the U.S. is ready for military action

When I attended school, we regularly had fire drills. Fortunately, there was never a fire, but my schools made sure the students and administrators were prepared; knew what to do in the event of a fire.

The Buffalo Bills are now in training camp preparing for the upcoming season. During the season they will (generally) play one game a week, have one day off to rest, and five days of training, preparation for the next game.

EMT’s (Emergency medical technician), police and fire departments and others regularly train personnel. It doesn’t matter how experienced they are, they still need to train, to be ready, to keep skills fresh.

Donald Trump has concluded an agreement with Kim Jong-un of North Korea. President Trump has eliminated the joint training exercises the United States and South Korea have conducted for decades.

Trump would rather trust Kim’s unspecified assurances about denuclearization rather than continue our practice of preparedness. There have not been comments of how Kim’s assurances will be verified. (What would Ronald Reagan say?) So, why are we willing to be unprepared should a need for action, arise?

Sandra W. Myers


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