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Chimney repair closes Scott Street

Tuesday's closing of Scott Street cleared the way for the repair of a 101-foot chimney in the production facility of The Buffalo News, said Bryan J. Donohue, senior vice president and chief operating officer of The News. Repairs were necessary to stabilize the tower that vents the facility's steam-based heating system, Donohue said.

The repairs were performed by International Chimney Corp., a Williamsville-based firm that serves a global list of clients. For more than eight decades, ICC has specialized in the design, construction and repair of tall masonry and steel structures. "We built stacks in Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Peru, the Bahamas," said Phil Pantano, foreman for ICC.

"Many power-plant stacks are 1,000 feet tall, but they build them from 1,200 to 1,400 feet," said Pantano. "Years ago, the theory was that the taller the stack the further away the smoke would dissipate. Now the systems are better and they don't need to worry about that."

Tuesday's repairs require the placement of three massive stainless-steel liners inside the stack, Donohue said. The work is expected to be complete late Tuesday afternoon.

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