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Letter: Leaders have to speak up about atrocity at the border

Can we continue to accept what is happening to people at our Southern border? Where are the voices of those who freely attend the church of their choice, shop where they choose, place food on their table every day and experience so many other freedoms?

I can’t imagine the pain of those mothers who are seeking asylum to protect their children from violence. They arrive in the United States only to be separated from their children. In fact, in one documented case, a child who was breastfeeding was wrenched from the mother. Psychologists who work with foster children in this country will tell you about the struggles these children have as far as building trust toward those caring for them or toward anyone trying to get close to them.

The children being forcefully taken from their parents at the border will have lifelong separation anxieties. Their parents, too, have unbelievable pain as a result of this separation.

I look at my own children and grandchildren and I feel very blessed, however, I wonder why there are those in power in our country who feel those fleeing violent situations in chaotic countries for the sake of freedom and safety for their children are less important than theirs or their constituents. They treat these refugee children as if they are less than human.

Where are the voices for these people who are seeking refuge when the most precious are taken from them?

Mary A. Picogna


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