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Readers chime in with motto ideas for the Town of Amherst

After 200 years, the Town of Amherst is looking for a motto, reported Steve Watson. 

The town is collecting entries and will select its official motto in a contest organized by Deputy Supervisor Francina Spoth, who can reached at

But we informally reached out to our readers for their suggestions. 

Here's a sampling of some of the funniest responses:

From Lori Paige DuVall-Jackson: "The City of Amherst- Where All Developers Are Welcome"

From Matthew Young: "Is this Williamsville?"

From Sean Henry: “Anything west of Eggert is Tonawanda”

From Tom Bell: Considering the traffic jams (and not just at the blue water tank), “Amherst: Hurry up and wait!” would be ideal.

From Jer Lewis:  Amherst, come for the shopping, stay because of the traffic.

From Chip Lesh: how’s this, ‘We’re sorry about the Gronkowski’s.’

What slogan would you give the Town of Amherst? Leave your thoughts in the comment section:

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