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Letters: Trump is delivering for the American people

From the June 12 Everybody’s Column, “I know many people are fed up with the total chaos and dysfunction that is Trump’s presidency.”

There are now more jobs than people to fill them. Both black and Hispanic unemployment is at an all-time low. Women at a 20-year low. Unemployment at 4.1 percent. Tax cuts that put more money in most people’s pockets and lowering the tax rate has helped small business, with many corporations handing out bonuses to their employees.

President Trump is strengthening our military and caring about our vets by rolling out a plan so they can visit any doctor so there’s no waiting time. Unlike presidents before him that said they would, he actually moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. He’s building a wall to secure the southern border, to stifle illegal immigration. He’s getting after the NAFTA deal and now, he just might pull off the dismantling of North Korea’s nuclear weapons.

I know I’m leaving out quite a bit more, but my point is, if this is chaos and dysfunction, I’ll have it for dinner every night.

Bruce Cranston

North Tonawanda

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