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Letters: Kids need education in safe use of firearms

The June 9 Buffalo News letter, “NRA’s stance will one day cost the Second Amendment,” is typical of the anti-gun mindset in this country. The writer implies it would be akin to Armageddon if firearm instruction was a part of our high school curriculum.

The average age for freshmen is 14 years old, and in New York State you can obtain a hunting license at 12 years of age. Throughout this country’s history, children much younger were taught how to properly handle and shoot firearms. If firearm instruction was mandatory in all of our schools (hopefully at a younger age,) the incidents of accidental shootings by children who happen upon unsecured guns would disappear.

The writer foolishly asks “Did anyone ever think educating our children would ever come to this?” Yes! Responsible parents teach their kids very early on about gun safety. Teaching kids in school should be mandatory, precisely because a large percentage of parents have the attitude of this writer, that sticking your head in the sand will make our children safe. I consider this a dereliction of their duty.

The NRA’s Eddie Eagle program has been teaching thousands of elementary students gun safety for many years. For this writer to claim the NRA is a threat is nothing short of moronic. These are the same people who think hardening our schools is a bad idea. I guess they don’t think our children are worth it.

Robert Yavicoli


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