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Letter: Why is nothing done about dangerous nursing homes?

My understanding is that we have nursing homes that are still doing business today and have in excess of 40 health code violations. Why is this so and why are these homes not closed down?

What is with the New York State Health Department, along with the Erie County Health Department?

The lack of supervision in one particular home caused a man’s death while tying bed sheets together and going out the third floor window to his death. Why was this window not sealed and or locked?

Why are the owners allowed to stay open and collect their monies and we the public have no idea who they are and why they are not at the home?

The stench alone in these homes makes you sick to your stomach, but yet nothing is done. I would submit that these are heinous crimes and the people responsible should be held accountable. This is what I refer to as elderly abuse, this must stop and the option is to close them down until they are without violations. Help these people.

Ray Spasiano


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