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Letter: When did U.S. stop protecting children?

When did U.S. stop protecting children?

On Sunday, June 3, you showed a picture of people living in tents and carrying water in a homeless encampment in Stockton, Calif. That same week I heard a person in Congress defending immigrant children being taken from their parents and placed in warehouses or even worse. He said that at least they were being fed and given medical attention, and admitted that many American children have no food, medical insurance or homes.

If he knows this, isn’t it his job to make sure these children are helped?

Why are we, the voters, putting up with all of this? Why are we electing people who think it’s OK to take children away from parents and lock them up? Why are we electing people who refuse to fund programs that provide food, shelter and health care to our children? When did we become a third-world country?

Let’s truly make America great again by protecting all of our children.

Judy Capodicasa


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