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Letter: Thankful that Trump means what he says

Liberals have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at President Trump. Considering the viciousness of the assaults, I have a sense of pride for the president’s leadership. The misery that Americans have suffered under the past administration has given way to a bold new way.

Nobody believed Trump could win. He was viewed with contempt and scorn despite the fact he was a very successful businessman.

Democrats have a deranged hatred of Trump, that drives them to behave like idiots. When the Democrats were in power they offered no answers or ideas that would be successful in improving America.

President Trump has bold common sense plans to “Make America Great Again.” He has restored faith in our economy, reduced unemployment to its lowest level in decades, getting business to return to America and create jobs, and everyone now understands that Trump means what he says, and says what he means.

Democrats only care about illegal immigrants and bathroom identity policies. They don’t care about Americans, except for their vote. Not one Democrat voted for a tax cut that has increased everyone’s standard of living. Democrats want open borders, think MS-13 gang members should not be called animals and they embrace socialism.

Despite his faults, Trump will lead America to a place of truth, prosperity and security. The Democrats’ commitment to freedom is denied to anyone who does not agree with them.

John Orlowski


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