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Letter: Players who take a knee are acting honorably

Players who take a knee are acting honorably

A letter writer stated that the NFL is a business and the players are employees. Yes they are. Employees in a very united union that has essentially made them partners with their employers.

Yes, fans pay good money to go to these games, but I think they pay to watch football, not to see what happens while the anthem is being played.

I question why the anthem is played at all. What does it have to do with football?

No doubt, the NFL would have us all believe what an uber-patriotic organization it is (charging for military commercials aside.) I have three brothers who served, and a father who lost a leg in the Pacific in WWII. I was, fortunately, the beneficiary of a high draft number in the waning years of the fiasco in Asia. I would suggest it is not only not unpatriotic for these young men to peacefully view their objections to societal inequities, but rather an honorable and brave act on their part.

Timothy Cogan


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