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Letter: Family expresses thanks for nursing home care

You hear so many negative stories regarding nursing homes and how the patients are handled. It leads you to look upon the establishments with dismay.

But I would like to share a different story. One that offers a positive view regarding the care of patients who are too ill to remain in their homes and need the care of experts in the nursing field.

My sister was a patient for over three years at the Sheridan Manor Nursing Facility in Tonawanda. She had that awful illness, Alzheimer’s, for which there is no cure thus far. It is a sickness that takes a toll not only on the patient but also the family.

The care that she received from the nursing staff was one of compassion and expert treatment. She was treated with respect and the staff followed all the medical rules even down to the changing of her diapers to ensure quality care.

There were monthly meetings with the entire staff to ensure that the family was kept in the loop regarding our beloved sister. Even to the end when she was in transition, the staff went beyond the call of duty in assisting a peaceful ending.

These details are lengthy, but I want the public to have a genuine appreciation of the fact that there are good nursing homes in our region and we are so thankful for the care given to our sister by the staff of Sheridan Manor.

Quitman & Eric Hawkins


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