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Editorial: It seems to us – No courtesy needed; an invasion of pigs; flower power; and Buffalo's cheery face

So, there are professional courtesies and then there are “professional courtesies.” Good for the unnamed Hamburg cop who understood the difference.

According to a police report, Erie County jail deputy Raymond J. Pollak, 57, of Orchard Park was ticketed for shoplifting from the Walmart on Southwestern Boulevard. According to the report, he took a knife from a shelf and used it to open the package on a camping stove then tried to steal it, along with a cylinder of fuel.

When police found him nearby, he is reported to have asked the officer to “extend me the courtesy, please,” since they were both working in law enforcement.

Not any more. Pollak was fired.


You’ve got to have a lot of sympathy for Robert and Julie Maefs, the Allentown residents whose Elmwood Avenue home has become a magnet for human vermin who think the couple’s home a great spot for public urination.

A few police tickets might help with the problem, though a strategically placed sprinkler – or better, yet, a hose aimed from a window – could be useful, as well. Given that boiling oil has gone out of favor.

In any case, it’s no wonder they’re, uh, ticked off.


Given the international stresses ignited by President Trump’s overheated comments about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, perhaps there is a lesson to learn from the towns of Derby Line, Vt., and Stanstead, Quebec.

At the border crossing between those two communities – populations 629 and 1,475, respectively – the international boundary is marked not a by a wall, but by a line of nicely potted petunias.

That’s diplomacy.


Public art is spreading around Buffalo in a cheery way, these days. Call in mural-mania, as neighborhoods look to brand themselves with paintings on otherwise vacant, often dreary, brick or cinder block walls. It’s a great way to brighten the city and areas that want to tell something about themselves. Check them out using the map here.

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