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Letter: Trump’s leadership skills are reminiscent of Custer

I was watching a program on TV and during an interview a 57-year-old African-American stated that he was a loyal Trump supporter. When asked, “Why?” He said, “Backbone.” Trump has backbone he said. Now, I think the characteristic of backbone although important is not as critical as intelligence and wisdom when many people will pay the consequences of a bad decision.

General George Custer was known for his courage and backbone, but he lead his men into a valley of death. He had specialists, Indian guides, that advised him not to follow the small group of braves acting as bait. He didn’t listen to them and instead followed his “gut instincts” and lead his men to their death.

Trump is a Custer-like figure. He inspires people to follow him with some shallow but strong characteristics but lacks the most essential traits of a good leader i.e., knowing your weaknesses, admitting them and listening carefully to those whose experiences are greater than your own.

John Brandenberger


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