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Letter: Stop pushing trains, and focus on roads

Why are some people so eager to herd us onto trains? We may be only a couple of years from being able to deploy electric, self-driving shuttle buses that can go anywhere, and they’re talking about spending two billion dollars on making our little subway line a couple miles longer? This is insane.

The future of transit is not set schedules on fixed tracks, it’s on-demand and point-to-point. We’re not a huge city that has to move millions of people around.

Synchronize the traffic lights and our roads are just fine.

Think we could do that and fill some potholes for under $2 billion?

For that matter, ditch the trains entirely and just drive the electric shuttles through the tunnels.

How much would we save if we didn’t have to maintain these specialized vehicles and their power and control systems? Keep it simple and flexible.

Let’s not forget that these geniuses told us in the 1980s that taking cars off Main Street would be good for downtown, and now they’re telling us that putting cars back will be good for downtown. What credibility do they have to undertake another massively expensive transit project??

Matthew Bartle


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