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Letter: Proximity to the infamous Love Canal is disturbing

I am horrified that a resident of Niagara Falls is living in a home roughly 300 feet from the infamous, toxic waste landfill, Love Canal. It is particularly disturbing given the Trump administration’s swift and careless elimination of many of the Obama-era Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) policies designed to minimize the damage that we are doing to our planet, including policies to curb environmental pollution.

Residents of Niagara Falls cannot, and should not, responsibly trust the EPA’s finding that their neighborhood is “safe” in light of budget cuts exceeding $800 million between 2016 and 2018 to a federal agency that has resources spread thin.

The resident named in The News article, Dolly Salerno, has a neighbor, Ella Chandler, who criticized Salerno for filing a lawsuit, and lamented that “she should just get out.” Chandler is right.

Chandler should follow her own recommendation. Benzene, a known human carcinogen, was the main pollutant at Love Canal. Science has established that exposure to benzene is directly associated with the lymphoma Chandler’s husband currently suffers from.

Association is not causation, of course, but it should cause legitimate concern for the cause of an illness when you are living by one of the most catastrophic environmental tragedies in history.

Eleanor Bliss Ferry, Esq.


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