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Editorial: It seems to us – New border questions; the inscrutable IHOb; a very bad loser; and going Rosanneless

If you thought the border crossing rules could be hazy, just wait. They’re about to become even cloudier as our friends in Ontario prepare to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

American Customs agents are busy preparing for the change, which could add a new line of questioning in addition to the familiar ones of where you went, how long you stayed and what you’re bringing back. Prepare now for, did you inhale?

Paging Bill Clinton.

Give this to the owners of the International House of Pancakes: They’ve got guts. Or they don’t know what they’re doing.

Universally known as IHOP, the restaurant chain now says it plans to change its name to what is thus far the inscrutable IHOb. What the “b” stands for, it isn’t saying yet. Breakfast? Brunch? Boiled cabbage?

The announcement isn’t due until Monday, but for anyone who remembers the debacle around New Coke, in which Coca-Cola tried to change the recipe of the favored soft drink, the risks seem real. Billions of dollars are at stake in a company’s name, logo and product lines.

No one should root against any business that provides a product as invaluable as good pancakes, so we’ll just hope the “b” doesn’t stand for blockheads.

Talk about a sore loser. When Sheriff Lenny Gramkow of Bon Homme County, S.D., lost Tuesday’s Republican primary election, he went after the winner instantly.

He fired him.

Gramkow lost, 878-331, to deputy sheriff Mark Maggs, who found himself without work immediately after the polls closed. “As of this moment you are no longer an employee of Bon Homme County,” Gramkow wrote to the winner.

He didn’t elaborate but, then, what else needed to be said?

So, after firing Roseanne Barr for making racist comments on Twitter, ABC is considering continuing the show with a different star.

It would rescue the program’s other actors and crew from the unemployment lines, but it seems a little like selling tickets to the Ice Capades – without any ice. It doesn’t scan.

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