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Letter: Gaughan’s plan will enhance the Buffalo parks system

Over the years, I’ve watched Kevin Gaughan start, participate in and maybe even fuel public debates over issues that affect Western New York. He’s prevailed in many, and lost more than he’d probably like to admit.

But the common theme in Mr. Gaughan’s efforts has been finding ways to better the life of our community. Never more so than with his current mission to improve Buffalo’s parks, which has produced a skirmish between him and the Buffalo Conservancy.

Why the Conservancy is balking at Mr. Gaughan’s plan is a mystery. He simply wants to do what the Conservancy has long sought: revive the South Park arboretum, and create a more beautiful, less sprawling golf course in Delaware Park, so more Frederick Law Olmsted parkland can be used by non-golfers.

The Conservancy’s baffling response sets up a false choice: their way or Mr. Gaughan’s. The true choice is between not improving our parks and improving them. That’s why Mr. Gaughan’s efforts, and his perseverance, better serve the public’s interest than the Conservancy’s insistence on no change at all.

June Kreutzer

Orchard Park

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