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Letter: State leaders are to blame for New York’s high taxes

It was with surprise, after reading for months in The News about how government wastes taxpayer money, that I read the editorial supporting Mayor Brown’s idea to explore the charitable deduction idea for local tax bills. How many times are we going to hear about the federal tax law being “unfair” to high tax states like New York?

Before we even go there, how about that sentence – High tax states like New York. How about, as a suggestion Mr. Mayor, you use your position with the state Democratic leadership and try (good luck, by the way) and get New York down, to say, only in the middle of state tax burden states. Maybe, just maybe, the real issue isn’t “the enemy Trump’s” tax law but the fact that New York has gouged its citizens for decades, wasting money.

Maybe it is the fact that our business (and climate) tax are poster children for bad management. More classic “blame somebody else politics” when our collective state leadership has provided anything but for, let’s be kind, shall we, 50 years or so. Hey, I have an idea. Let’s get more red light cameras.

It’s a start.

Vincent Morabito


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