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Letter: Groupthink views override thoughtful, logical discourse

Like the recent Laurel or Yanni debate/foolishness that we all had to deal with in both our local and national media, I am continuously surprised at how roughly half the people think one way and half the other on important issues.

While I agree that intelligent debate is healthy, it seems to me that on many issues groupthink takes over and destroys any possibility of a reasonable discussion. Whether it’s Albany corruption, the Trump effect, Iran, North Korea, or NFL players standing for our national anthem, if you try to drill down and present your facts on the issue in a logical way the other party will have their facts to argue their point. The problem is that their facts are often groupthink opinions.

In college most of us were taught to use logic and think things through before we speak and leave emotion out of it when engaged in a discussion. I wonder if that’s being taught anymore in our educational institutions. Facts are facts. If you are not going to stick to the facts and throw emotion and groupthink into the discussion I’ll pass on the exchange with you whether it’s in person or on social media platforms.

I do get some satisfaction knowing that our Founding Fathers disagreed on several issues while putting together our Constitution. I just have my doubts that any of them suffered from the groupthink disease that our nation is suffering from today.

Lou Speranza

Orchard Park

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