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Letter: Secure borders to prevent influx of smuggled parasites

America’s complex, rich, life-providing resources have been taken for granted. Truth is, the more civilized America becomes the more vulnerable it also becomes. Uncontrolled human sprawl is well known to be devastating enough but it’s the rats in the bilge for one, that has created chaos on our nation’s resources. Not thinking so leaves a question unasked. We must understand why so many risk so much to cross our borders.

Why they leave their land, their loved ones, so we can be sure it doesn’t happen here.

Right before our eyes we are not grasping a destructive exotic invasion. Imported feral hogs turning the south’s farm fields into pig sties. Asian Carp and Snakehead fish are creating disastrous gaps in our native aquatic food chains. Pythons are controlling the plight of land and amphibian creatures of the Everglades.

Free ranging domestic cats spread their lethal parasite (Toxoplasma gondii). Known to be killing off a wide spectrum of Native American birds as well as so infected Pacific Seals and Mediterranean Dolphins washing ashore.

This parasite has also proven to affect human’s vision, brain functions and, in some cases, causing death! All brought to America by immigrants seeking to bring their customs and environments with them – from the countless feral chickens of Dade County to owners of exotic reptilians, all taking their toll on America’s abundance. This “land of plenty” as past generations has known it cannot withstand an ever escalating, unrestricted immigration or what it also brings.

Our borders must be increasingly supervised for the sake of future generations if we expect to pass on the fruits we have endeared.

Joseph Coia

West Seneca

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