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Letter: Refusing to do the job is an insult to taxpayers

Most people in Erie County agree with The Buffalo News that public officials who don’t do their jobs should be fired. Think of our corrupt Water Board, for example. So what are we to make of a sheriff and county clerk who boast – boast! – of not doing their jobs?

The Sheriff won’t enforce gun laws he doesn’t like, preferring to prance around in his full sheriff’s get-up under the flag of a fake country of traitors who called for the destruction of the United States and erasure of liberty for 10 percent of its citizens. The county clerk will settle for just not letting qualified people drive.

Meanwhile, the NFL gets to demand that football players show obeisance to the flag in the style the owners prefer.

The NFL bosses get to set the rules even beyond the job description. But Erie County taxpayers can’t even get employees to perform the duties in their job description. There’s something fundamentally screwed up with this set of values, isn’t there?

Robert Dentan


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