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Letter: Consider Trump’s character in determining his merit

Several letters showed strong support for Trump and his “accomplishments.” What they failed to do was look at his character. “A hungry donkey eats any straw.”

Quiz, what person ran on a campaign to make their country great again, promised to create jobs, promised recovery, had a dislike for certain ethnic and racial groups, demanded loyalty, lied, had a big ego, practiced character assassination, and after winning the prize, enriched their friends and family?




If you chose all, you are on target. All have or had the same character traits. The followers of all three individuals did not or do help their “cause” by claiming the ends justify any means.

Yes, they give their followers a few bones, but look what two “accomplished,” death and destruction. For Trump’s followers, please wait to see the out-come of his so called “accomplishments.” The fat lady hasn’t sung yet.

Michael Giallombardo


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