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HIRSCH, Jacqueline Elisabeth

HIRSCH, Jacqueline Elisabeth

HIRSCH, Jacqueline Elisabeth - May 30, 1985-September 6, 2008. To our precious daughter Jacquie, our Jax, our "Tink", our Angel - Happy 33rd Birthday. On the day you were born, our hearts filled with happiness. You completed our family and made us "Forever Four." Little did we know that you would not only change us, but help to change the world we live in. You shared your passion for life and living each day to the fullest with your family, friends and even with those you had yet to meet. You showed us how to care for others and how to give of ourselves. You taught us that what is on the inside of a person is more important than what we see on the outside. We remember your smile and laughter that gave us endless joy and happiness. Your heart was filled with love for all those who shared your life and that love was returned to you. In the short time you were with us, you taught us a lifetime of lessons: how to be compassionate, considerate, non-judgmental and most importantly, how to give more than you receive. You showed unending strength and courage during your fight, and never gave up hope. You reminded us that we were all stronger because of the family and friends who stood by our side, and with them, we could face anything. We will forever cherish the endless memories we made, and hold them close in our hearts. We will continue to follow your example to be generous, caring, a good friend and most of all to BELIEVE that anything is possible. We hope you are proud of us, and the accomplishments we have achieved in your memory. Never forget how very much we miss you, that our circle of four can never be broken and that we will love you forever and ever and always and longer than that. Love, mom and dad It hurts to have to write Happy Birthday, instead of being able to call and tell you. It hurts even more to have to look at photos instead of being able to reach out and give you a hug. Each day that passes, know that you are remembered, missed and loved. We will forever remember the joyful times filled with smiles, laughter and love. You are a reminder that each day is a precious gift. We should enjoy them and embrace them for we are not guaranteed a tomorrow. Jacquie, you taught us how to live, how to have fun and how to be strong. I will always hold those lessons and our memories together very close in my heart. We will continue fighting for you and make sure your legacy is never forgotten. I love you and miss you so very much. Happy Birthday in heaven. Love always your Big Brother TJ and sister-in-law Amanda.
Dear Jacquie, The years go by so fast but your beautiful smile is always with us. We love and miss you always. Nana Jacquie: Happy Birthday! We miss and love you so much. Love, Papa and Sharon
Happy birthday, precious Jacquie. I will miss you and love you forever. Bree
My dear Jacquie, though the years are passing, our love for you is stronger than ever. You were such a big part of our lives. Your guidance is with us in all our endeavors, your laughter is with us in all our gatherings, your support is with us in all the challenges we face, and your spirit is with us in every step we take. You are, and will always be, forever in my heart. I love you with all I am. Aunt Deee
Sweet Jacquie, the years pass but missing you never fades. We wish you were here to celebrate your day with us. Happy Birthday! Love Aunt Sheryl and the girls

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