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Letter: Buffalo schools deprived of caring corps of nurses

Buffalo Public Schools do not seem to place value in educated, specialized, experienced nurses. In 2005, when they approached Kaleida, requesting nurses and a contract, we were there. Some nurses with firsthand experience with the district said “no way, the politics of the district are too maddening and unpredictable” and some nurses desired the challenge, as caring for the students they cared for as patients in the hospital, would be further rewarding.

In 2005, the health care situation in Buffalo schools was in critical need of qualified nurses, but now they’ve become complacent.

Our 13 years of caring for the children of their schools and keeping the students safe is not pertinent and reduced to a 16 minute-late bid (despite having been submitted on time electronically.)

Shamefully, more important than the students is the nonsense of the late bid and secretly denying the students of Buffalo quality care.

More focus should be placed on the students and the 13 years than the 16 minutes. This should be about the safety of the students and the health and welfare of the students, both body and mind.

Visits to the school nurse are no longer limited to first aid visits. Many parents feel forced to send their ill child to school as they cannot miss work. If the parent misses work, they miss income.

Also, as there has been an exponential increase in chronic health issues there has been an exponential need for educated, specialized and experienced nurses.

Our program has been worthwhile and benefited the community. We’ve shown our interest in keeping it worthwhile and continuing to benefit the community.

Buffalo Public Schools, don’t abruptly make a change disregarding the health and welfare of the children both body and mind of this community. Consider and keep the Kaleida Health nurses with their education, specialty and experience.

Karen Pezouvanis, school nurse,


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