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Letter: Parents must instill a love of learning

After working in a criteria school for 23 years, I know that there are currently students in these schools who don’t belong there. They come in all races.

Many of these students were identified as gifted early on in their educations. When some of these kids reach puberty, they begin to get lazy and to focus their attention on the social issues going on, instead of their lessons. They scoff at rules, are disrespectful, don’t hand in homework and get grades I would have been disgraced to show my parents.

For a short time, there was a way to remove these students at the high school level, so more industrious students could have those seats, but, several years ago, a judge determined that a classification of giftedness could not be taken away once designated, allowing lazy, unappreciative students to continue on, and to waste taxpayers’ money in the process.

If a student doesn’t have the skills and intelligence to get into one of these criteria schools, then they don’t belong there. If you want your child to be the kind of student who gets admitted, instill a love of learning. Don’t tell your kids that they don’t have to do what the teachers tell them to do. Don’t try to find blame where there isn’t any when your child fails. Discipline your child for being lazy. Maybe your child will be able to pass the entrance exam if you do.

Marylou Altieri


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