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GIBAS, Karl -
A life built on OPPORTUNITY! As the child of immigrant parents who were seeking the American Dream of Opportunity, in 1910, Karl's parent's came to this country. In the 1920's, they opened up The Gibas Dairy which serviced the Black Rock/Riverside Area until about 1969 when it was sold off to Dairylea Milk Corp. During that span of time, Karl's journey of opportunity began. Starting at the age of 8, Karl worked the dairy collecting and cleaning bottles until he was old enough to drive/pedal the milk in a truck. He loved pedaling because it gave him the opportunity to build many relationships with the local residence. Like his parents, Karl continued to immersed himself in all that American had to offer. Seeking a solid education, he attended St Joe's High School but found himself at Riverside High School, shortly after he refused to shave his sideburns. The same sideburns that opened doors and provided Karl with even more opportunity as the lead singer in several 50's bands, which included Slick Grease and the D.A.'s; Nickel City; Delrados; Stereotones, all of which earned him the title "Buffalo's Own Elvis" (Clark Gibas). In 1959, Karl graduated from Riverside, ironically nominated by classmates as Most Talent/Most Polite, characteristics Karl had been displaying from a young age. Karl's kindness, talent and experiences put him in front of many people, including the audiences of the Dick Clark Traveling Show and more importantly, his wife Janey. They met early in life, she captured his attention, became his fan club manager, and later married her. Again, embracing the opportunity brought before him, Karl settled down, got married and had 4 children. Having a family guided him down a different path and ironically he took a job as a driver, not for milk but for UPS. Again, Karl enjoyed the relationships he built along his routes. He was a people's person for sure and those qualities lead him to transition from a driver into Account Executive. With a successful career behind him, Karl decided to retire and experience a different type of opportunity. The opportunity of retirement! Opportunities to travel cross country or even just relax by his koi pond, in Pendleton, surrounded by family and friends. Karl loved life! He lived life to its fullest, never complaining but always taking advantage of each opportunity that came his way! Karl passed away on March 16, 2018 and there is no doubt he is embracing the NEW OPPORTUNITIES ETERNAL LIFE HAS TO OFFER! May 26, 1941 - March 16, 2018 Happy Birthday!

In Remembrance

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