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Letter: Canal boat will enrich Buffalo’s Blue Economy

Buffalo owes a lot to the Erie Canal, one of the first great ”Blue Economy” projects in North America.

One of the keys to the social and economic growth of Western New York is how we treat, recognize and celebrate the impact of our water legacy and future. Our region is becoming an example of how to respect and use its wonderful nature resources for our population.

Organizations like Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper, Canal Harbor Development, Buffalo Maritime Center, the groups reviving Niagara Street and their waterfront parks, and the magnet water schools like Riverside High School, are some of the living examples.

Supporting the Buffalo Maritime Center’s endeavors to build a canal boat will create a living reach back to our Buffalo heritage. The canal boat will be an enlightened addition to one of the most attractive features here: water. The building and use of the canal boat will again highlight the renaissance of Buffalo with a blue signature.

Tourism is a large part of the local economic engine for this region and need to be enlivened and updated on a regular basis. That is why the canal boat project proposed by the BMC is one of the keys for future upgrading of the waterfront.

How can you support the new Blue Buffalo and the Buffalo Maritime Center’s efforts to build the canal boat? Contact your regional leaders and representatives and tell them you support the canal boat efforts by the BMC and they should do likewise.

Erwin Rakoczy


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