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Letter: Tonawanda resident objects to permanent road closings

Tonawanda resident objects to permanent road closings

The City of Tonawanda is at it again. They are trying to make our city better, by changing and closing a road that is making getting around our city difficult. They build a million-dollar bathroom, but who will use it, since access is being cut off from the surrounding area with the closing of a portion of Young Street.

They want more greenspace? How about taking care of what they have. Gastown, a part of the city, has been disregarded, since it has been cut off from the flow of it all. Closing roads to divert traffic to Main Street businesses? If people want to go there they will.

The City Hall and police station are no longer easily accessible from Gastown. They have already sectioned off right turn lanes to Gastown from what is left of Young Street at Delaware.

Now there is talk of a roundabout. That would be more disruptive for traffic in the area. I can just see tractor trailers trying to do a roundabout.

It would be chaos just to put a skating rink there, when there is already Ives Pond. It leaves no place for food trucks or the rides during Canal Fest.

Where would it be relocated to, the river? But isn’t it called Canal Fest not River Fest?

If you plant grass over the street, then you’ll have mud that we will have to pay city workers to repair and leaving no parking for visitors and tenants.

Some time ago the city closed and moved roads, and everyone said it was a big mistake. Well I’m sure everyone has heard the old saying that history repeats itself.

I for one, along with a lot of the city’s residents, don’t want this to happen. We want this road to remain a road that the residents and visitors can use it daily. We have no problem with temporary road closings for events, but permanent is not acceptable. Most people who are for this road closing live at the other end of town and never use this road to get to where they want to go.

With all the studies they do nowadays about cause and effect of revitalization, you would thing that at least our alderman, mayor, etc., would ask the residents how they feel about the restructuring.

We are not afraid of change, when it in fact is a good fit for all. This does not fit all residents or businesses. I have started a petition to stop this senseless disruption in our city. If you have not signed it, at least call City Hall, your mayor or your alderman. Let your voice be heard.

Brenda Doll


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