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Letter: Collins needs to explain wasting taxpayer dollars

Collins needs to explain wasting taxpayer dollars

Congressman Collins said that rescission of $7 billion dollars from the C.H.I.P. program is OK because the authorization has expired, so the money can’t be spent. Congress controls the purse strings; the authorization has expired because Congressman Collins, and the GOP cohorts, allowed it to expire.

Congressman Collins should explain to families with childhood diabetes, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis or a myriad of other childhood conditions why they can’t get health care because Congressman Collins wasted $15 TRILLION DOLLARS.

A congressional budget office analysis earlier this year showed that funding C.H.I.P. will save over $6 billion dollars over 10 years. Congressman Collins needs to explain to the citizens of the 27th district why he is wasting taxpayers dollars.

William Fine


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