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Letter: Cold weather doesn’t prove that climate change is fake

Cold weather doesn’t prove that climate change is fake

Once again a denier crawls out to say climate change is “ ... the biggest hoax ever foisted off on the American public.” And their evidence of climate change being phony? It was cold in their backyard the last couple of years.

As if climate change can only mean warm temperatures.

Never mind that ocean temperatures do continue to rise. Polar ice is melting at record rates. Wildfires caused by drought are decimating the western part of the country.

The number of severe tornado outbreaks is on the rise. Europe saw sweltering heat last year, with record high temperatures in France and Italy.

Hurricanes are more frequent and intense.

Nearly 100 percent of the scientific community agrees the climate is changing rapidly and the few that don’t work for fossil fuel and chemical companies. Simply because it’s snowing in Tonawanda doesn’t mean the rest of the world is frozen in time like the deniers are.

Kevin Smith


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