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Editorial: It seems to us – The Lipseys' generosity, Amherst intrigue and those crazy Kochs

Pardon us for getting personal, but Stan Lipsey loved his dog. This is beyond dispute. Whether he loved him more or less than he did The Buffalo News, which he led as publisher for 29 years, we’re not sure. But you get the idea.

Although Lipsey died in 2016, his influence continues to benefit the community, including the SPCA Serving Erie County. There, the new 6,500-square-foot Stanford & Judith C. Lipsey Veterinary Clinic has opened on the strength of Judith Lipsey’s $1.3 million donation. It is meant to help pet owners who have trouble managing the sometimes high costs of medical care for their pets.

Anyone who knew Stan, and who remembers that grin, can visualize how pleased he would be.

For intrigue, money and politics, there’s no need to turn to the latest episode of "House of Cards." You can just dig into the dirt in Amherst, where the Zoning Board of Appeals is being sued by the Town Board. But the town is balking at the legal bills produced by the outside counsel representing the Zoning Board. The lawyers may sue the town. Got it?

The firm of Harter, Secrest & Emery is a prominent Rochester law firm that says it doesn’t usually have problems getting their clients to pay up – which Amherst isn’t. It has balked at a $65,000 bill that it clams to be exorbitant, but which the law firm defends as appropriate.

Will the lawyers sue the town? Will the town countersue? Will the Zoning Board make an offer the others can’t refuse? Stay tuned.

So, here’s one for the books: The billionaire Koch brothers, known for their conservative political advocacy, are paying for attack ads against both the Republican and Democratic candidates in this year’s Senate race in Texas.

One Koch-backed group, Americans for Prosperity, has sent out postcards ripping Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke, a Democratic congressman, for supporting Congress’s spending bill, which the group contends is full of wasteful spending.

That’s not so unusual. More unexpected were the mail advertising sent by another Koch-backed group, The LIBRE Initiative, slamming incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, for failing to support a solution to the DACA controversy that threatens undocumented residents who were brought here as children.

This could be good news: Maybe the country is so divided it’s reconnecting on the other side.

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