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Letter: What have we lost with Trump as president?

What have we lost with Trump as president?

To those who claim that Donald Trump is a great president and will go down in history that way, what have we gained and what have we lost?

One claim to his greatness is that our borders are more secure. However, no terrorist from another country has reigned upon our nation, but instead assault rifle shootings and the massacres they create due to mental health and gun violence are predominant.

All the outcries to improve background checks and outlaw semi-automatic rifles are hushed by the NRA, a Trump supporter. Note that those who want increased background checks and the banning of assault rifles are also for the Second Amendment, so don’t say otherwise.

One last focus on keeping our borders safe causes the dehumanizing of those who are fleeing corrupt and impoverished countries to have a fair chance of a better life in the U.S., just as many of our ancestors did.

They are called illegal aliens.

What a dehumanizing term for a human being just like you and me.

How would you like to be called an illegal alien?

Sounds menacing, and they are not. Let’s make the road to citizenship as possible as it was for our ancestors.

Where are lower taxes getting us, deeper in debt and causing Trump’s promises of not touching Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to be full of hot air.

And about that peace prize, keep an eye on Kim Jong Un and put your money on a Trump’s failure in denuclearizing North Korea.

As for the continued expression of compassion, acceptance and being able to live side by side with those who are different than you are as it was under Obama … there is name calling, bullying and fighting. We are more divided as a nation under Trump rather than one nation under God.

Marguerite Battaglia


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