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[BN] Blitz newsletter: Blocking on kickoffs will change 'drastically' with new NFL rule

The NFL on Tuesday approved new rules for kickoffs, which are aimed at reducing the frequency of brain injuries caused by the play.

"I think it opens the door for a safer and yet hopefully more exciting return," said legendary Buffalo Bills special teamer Steve Tasker.

Mark Gaughan detailed the changes here. "Blocking for kickoff returns will change drastically," he wrote, since members of the return team will likely be running side by side with opponents instead of waiting to hammer them.

"One of the things the league was really upset about was you still had a bunch of concussions on touchbacks," Tasker said. "They were appalled by the fact on a play that didn't even count, guys were getting concussions because guys would blow each other up, not knowing the ball's out of the end zone."

Examining the salary cap ramifications of Incognito's release: How does releasing Richie Incognito instead of keeping him on the reserve/retired list affect the Bills? As mentioned in yesterday's newsletter, the issue revolves around whether the Bills were able to get Incognito to return a portion of his bonus money that applied to the remaining year on his contract. Jay Skurski dug into the numbers here.



Josh Allen, Part III: From Pop Warner to the Bills, playing QB was the only thing Josh Allen ever wanted to do. Read Part III of Tim Graham's five-part series on the Bills' new quarterback. (Parts I and II here.)

Can a change in scheme on Bills' offensive line improve its play? This question comes to us through Jay Skurski's mailbag. "The Bills are expected to go to more of a 'power' blocking scheme rather than the 'zone' scheme that was favored by former offensive coordinator Rick Dennison," Skurski wrote. "That should help."


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