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Letter: Self-centered developers do not make good neighbors

Self-centered developers do not make good neighbors

There is an ugly dilemma in Western New York, like a rotten apple in the “City of Good Neighbors.” It has to do with certain local developers. Once their plans are presented, there is little room for compromise, no matter the logic or wishes of others.

They care little about anything else: people, the importance of nature, animals, beautiful old neighborhoods, history or scientific facts. They are not good neighbors and don’t care how they stress others or the physical commotion caused by construction in an already settled community or areas needed for nature.

They have convinced themselves that we need whatever plans they are trying to sell to our politicians, some of whom are their gutless enablers, allowing them to break rules, established for the common good.

After all, our obnoxious developers have an office to run, employees and taxes to pay, possibly a building to maintain and their attack-dog lawyer to support.

Is this how wise and fair decisions are made in Buffalo? Based on one person’s financial interests?

On a trip down South last year, when a man passed me on the sidewalk and realized I was from up North, he said, “Your developers are a nuisance, trying to tell us what to do.” I replied, “Yeah, I understand, we need to tell them, don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

He must have had a recent poor experience, for him to speak up like that.

There needs to be an answer to this nonsense.

Judy Catalano


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